AP 9th Physical Science Mock Test 2021 for Chapter-1 “Matter Around Us” Online Practice Test

1. When the vapour pressure of a liquid is equal to the atmospheric pressure ,the liquid
2. The substance that does not sublime
3. Choose the correct statement
4. A gas can be liquified
5. At 273 K, the physical state of water is
6. The melting and boiling points of ice are
7. The vapour pressure is high in case of
8. The change from vapour to liquid is called
9. The highly compressible state of matter is
10. The substance has neither a fixed shape nor a fixed volume the physical state of the substance is
11. A substance has a definite mass and volume. It adopts the shape of the container. Its physical state is
12. At its melting point,
13. The heat energy absorbed by a substance at its M.P or B.P is called
14. The simplest state of matter is
15. The amount of water vapour present in air is ...............
16. _________ is the cooling process
17. Substances which flow are called _____
18. Reducing the volume by applying pressure is called ________
19. Non-compressible among the following
20. The gas used for cooking in our homes
21. Evaporation = ___________
22. The temperature at which a solid changes into liquid is called
23. When water solidifies to ice then heat is
24. Latent heat of vaporization of water is  ________
25. The temperature of steam and hot water are at 1000 C each, then why should we prefer steam engine than hot water engine ?
26. Solids , liquids and gases diffuse into liquids and rate of diffusion of gases is higher than liquids and solids because
27. Solids generally have
p - Indefinite shape
q - Distinct boundary
r - Fixed volume
28. Identify the only substance with all three states can be readily observed in everyday life
29. x : clothes dry slowly during rainy season
y : clothes dry slowly during windy season
30. The correct order of sentences related to preparation of super saturated solution is
P : Add one more spoon of sugar to it
Q : Add one spoon of sugar to 100ml of water in a beaker
R : On heating the undissolved sugar dissolves to form a super saturated solution
S : It dissolves totally to form saturated solution
31. Assertion(A) : We feel cool after sweating
Reason(R) : We store water in earthen pots during summer
32. At 298 K , the physical state of water is .............
33. When water solidifies to Ice , then heat is .......................
34. A substance whose volume is reduced when heated to 40C
35. Which of the following adopt the shape of the container ?
36. Which of the following conversion take place during sublimation ?
37. Precautions to be taken while doing the above experiment is
38. In the experiment the white ring of ammonium chloride is formed
39. Solubility is the measurement of amount of solute that dissolves in a solvent at a certain temperature . Factors that affect the solubility are
i   . Temperature
ii  . Size of the solute particles
iii . Stirring of a solution
40. In below table , a , b , c , d represents
41. Correct formation of table for compressibility property regarding gas and liquid is
42. Condensation means
43. Compressibility is not applicable for the following state of matter
44. We can observe maximum expansion in _____
45. Constituent of matter _____
46. Conversion of solid to liquid is called as
47. Intermixing of gases
48. Conversion  of liquid to gas is known as
49. .............. exhibits anomalous expansion
50. In summer season , on a hot dry day 4 new parts made with clay were filled with water and kept each one at different regions like Desert , Plateau , Hill and river bank . In which region pot , water is more cool ?
51. The diagram which represents quick evaporation among the following is
52. The below diagrams a , b , c represents the arrangement of molecules in three phases of water . the correct terms regarding the diagram is
53. A gas can be liquified by
54. The amount of heat energy that is required to overcome the attraction is given by the latent heat of the substances is called as
55. Which of the following diffuses faster ?
56. The inter - mixing of substances , by the natural movement of their particles is called
57. Which of the following is correct about diffusion ?
58. What is ' dry ice ' ?
59. ................. is a bulk phenomenon
60. Naphthalene balls disappear with time , leaving no trace of the solid because
61. Which of the following is not a substance which can be found in three states ?
62. What is coming out from sponges when it is compressed ?
63. Which shape does the powdered salt take ?
64. The rubber band has a ............ shape
65. When does water change into ice ?
66. On heating to 1000 C ,
67. On .............. C water changes into ice
68. Inter mixing of substances is called
69. Which of the following are types of force of attraction ?
70. Matter is made up of
71. A direct change of state from solid to gas is called
72. CNG stands for
73. Natural gas found in
74. Natural gas is a mixture of
75. The temperature at which solid melts to become a liquid is called
76. The temperature at which a liquid starts boiling at the atmospheric pressure is known as
77. The concentration of water vapour in the air is called
78. Which one is used for measuring the temperature ?
79. Which of the following is not a fluid ?
80. Energy possessed by a body by virtue of its motion known as
81. Symbol for latent heat is
82. Lowest temperature on earth yet to reach is
83. Melting point of ice
84. Boiling point of water is
85. Fast diffusion occurs in
86. Low compressibility occurs in
87. Shape of liquid is
88. Density of solid ........
89. Which of the following has no rigidity ?
90. Slow diffusion occurs in
91. Convert 570 K into degree Celsius
92. Convert 100 C into Kelvin
93. When the water solidifies to ice then heat is
94. Matter changes from one state to another by raising the
95. Matter changes from one state to another by lowering the
96. Which of the following indicates solids ?
97. Which of the following has no Diffusion ?
98. What does the following shows ?
99. Which of the following does change with respect to container ?
100. It is


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