AP 9th Physical Science Mock Test For Chapter 9 : “Work and Energy” Online Practice Test

1. Work done is measured by
2. The work done on a body does not depend upon the
3. When the force applied and the displacement produced in the body are inclined at 900 with each other , the work done is
4. joule is the unit of
5. Newton - meter is the unit of
6. A body at rest can have
7. A body is dropped from a certain height above the ground . When it is half way down , it possesses
8. A flying aeroplane possesses
9. The Kinetic Energy of a body is increased most by doubling its
10. A wound watch spring has
11. In the oscillations of a simple pendulum , the P.E of the bob is maximum , when the bob is
12. In the oscillations of a simple pendulum , the sum of the P.E and K.E is
13. When the speed of a moving object is doubled , its
14. When a body is projected into space , there is an increase in its
15. If the mass of a body is doubled , its K.E
16. In the SI system , the unit of P.E is
17. P.E of your body is minimum when you
18. When the spring is in its natural length kept on a table i.e, it was not elongated (or) compressed then the energy stored in it is
19. When the time taken to complete a given amount of work increases
20. In the case of vertically projected body during upward journey
21. The product of mass and displacement is called
22. One N-M =
23. If work done has negative value , the body on which work is done........... energy
24. The rate of doing work is called
25. The energy passed in coal is
26. The energy possessed by its position or state is known as
27. The sum of K.E and P.E is called
28. The energy used up by green plants to produce food
29. The rate of doing work
30. When speed of the ball is doubled its K.E
31. According to scientific concept work is said to be done when
32. In the formula W = F \times S , the letter 'S' stands for
33. When an arrow is shot from a bow , the arrow gets kinetic energy from
34. Formula for potential energy
35. K.E of water is converted into electrical energy is
36. Choose the correct matching for the following

a. Power                           ( ) p. Energy
b. Energy                         ( ) q. Newton
c. Force                            ( ) r. Watt
d. Capacity to do work ( ) s. Joule
37. The work done by a girl while pushing a book through a distance of 30 cm , with a force 4.5 N is
38. A force acting on 20 kg , mass changes its velocity from 5 m/s to 2 m/s . The work done is
39. The amount of work done on an object when a force of 1 Newton displaces it through 1 m. Along line of action of force is..................
40. Electric fan converts electrical energy into.................
41. The source of all energy in the universe is....................
42. Chaitanya performs 300 J of work in 5 minutes . The power delivered by her is
43. P.E depends on
44. Example for K.E is
45. The energy possessed by a body due to its motion is called
46. The energy possessed by a body due to its position or shape is called
47. ............... is said to be done on a body if a force applied on a body and the body moves a distance
48. The capacity to do work is called
49. A metal ball kept in a ceramic plate is raised to a certain height from the plate and allowed to fall on it . What will happen to the plate ? why ?
50. As the displacement of the object is zero then work done is also
51. What would be the work done when the force on the object is zero ?
52. A woman does 250 J of work in 10 seconds and a boy does 100 J of work in 4 seconds . Who delivers more power ?
53. A person performs 420 J of work in 5 minutes . Calculate the power delivered by him ?
54. A book of mass 1 kg is raised through a height 'h' . If the potential energy increased by 49 J , find the height raised ?
55. A block of 2 kg is lifted up through 2m from the ground . Calculate the PE of block at that point .
56. Find the K.E of a ball of 250 g mass , moving at a velocity of 40 cm/s
57. A ball of mass 0.5 kg thrown upwards reaches a maximum height of 5m . Calculate the work done by the force of gravity during this vertical displacement considering the value of g= 10 m/s2
58. A box is pushed through a distance of 4m across a floor offering 100 N resistance . How much work is done by the resisting force ?
59. Calculate the work done by student in lifting a 0.5 kg book from the ground and keeping it on a shelf of 1.5 m height
60. A boy pushes the book kept on a table by applying a force of 4.5 N. Find the work done by the force if the book is displaced through 30 cm along the direction of push
61. When the speed of a ball is doubled its kinetic energy then it
62. Two bodies of unequal masses are dropped from the top of building , Which of the following is equal for both bodies at any instant ?
63. A man with a box on his head is climbing up a ladder. The work done by the man on the box is
64. A porter with a suitcase on his head is climbing up steps with uniform speed . The work done by the "weight of the suitcase" on the suitcase is
65. A cycle together with its rider weighs 100 kg. How much work is needed to set it moving at 3 m/s ?
66. Find the mass of a body which has 5 J of K.E while moving at a speed of 2m/s ?
67. Calculate the work done by a person in lifting a load of 20 kg from the ground and placing it 1 m high on a table
68. A man carrying a bag of total mass 25 kg climbs up to a height of 10 min 50 seconds. Calculate the power delivered by him on the bag
69. Units of work in S.I units are
70. C.G.S units for work is
71. 1 J =
72. 107 erg is equal to ............. in Joules
73. C : Work and energy are same units
D : When an aeroplane takes off , the work done by its weight is negative
74. The P.E of spring is increases when
75. The P.E of spring decreases when it is
76. Work is
77. Work has
78. Which of the conditions are need to be satisfied in order to say that work has taken place are
79. According to law of conservation of energy , energy can be transferred from one form to another form of energy is called
80. The objects which give energy are called
81. ........... is the biggest natural and primary source of energy
82. Energy converts from one form to another form such that total energy remains constant , this is called
83. The sum of kinetic energy and potential energy of an object is called
84. Match the following
  1. W  ( ) a. ma
  2. P   ( ) b. mg
  3. F   ( ) c. mv
85. Which of the following are not a vector ?
86. erg is C.G.S unit for
87. What happens in the following ?
88. Collect pictures showing various situation where potential energy possessed by an object depends on its shape and position
89. State the following
90. Where does the bow get energy from
91. It is
92. List out some energy conversions taking place in nature are
93. Gadgets used for energy conversion are
94. \frac{1}{2} mv2 is formula for
95. mgh is formula for
96. Joule is S.I unit for
97. Symbol for Power is
98. How can we define the Energy ?
99. Match the following
  1. Weight         ( ) a. P
  2. Force            ( ) b. W
  3. Momentum ( ) c. F
100. Momentum units are


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