AP PRC Calculator 2022 for Teachers / Employee (* Available)

AP PRC Calculator 2022 Available (AP PRC కాలిక్యులేటర్ 2022) for Calculate New Basic Pay based (AP PRC కాలిక్యులేటర్ 2022) on Present Basic Pay, Andhra Pradesh State Government Employee PRC Calucalater 2022 Available to Calculate your Pay Revision Commission for 20% Fitment, 25% Fitment, 30% Fitment, 35% Fitment, and etc…

The government of Andhra Pradesh is going to announce new PRC 2022 for the state government school teachers (AP ప్రభుత్వ ఉద్యోగి కొత్త PRC మాస్టర్ స్కేల్ 2022) and employees through the Teachers Pay Revision Commission (PRC) properly known as AP Teacher PRC 2022, and those government school teachers and other employees of the state need to calculate their new pay basic based on present basic payment based on new DA, Fitment for Master Scales of the teacher or employee.

According to the reports, Andhra Pradesh State Government is going to increase their employee pay scales (AP ప్రభుత్వ ఉద్యోగి PRC కాలిక్యులేటర్ 2022) based on the new PRC, and the AP Government will be increased their employee IR, DA, and Fitment based on New PRC 2022, here we have provided the AP PRC Calculator 2022 to Know your Basic Pay, Pay Fixation Calculator.

The Government of Andhra Pradesh and Department of Finance is going to announce the state employee revision of pay scales RPS (likely in before the end of December), and every employee and teacher of the state can check their basic pay by calculating new IR, DA & Fitment to get master scales of employee awarded by Government of AP.

Every government employee has already known the new PRC is not applicable same for every teacher because some are not on the same scale, the PRC announced various or different types of scales for primary schools, high schools, and University level teachers or based on the employee experience, department and other related issues.

AP PRC Calculator 2022
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Authorities Pay revision commission (PRC)
PRC which releases GPF and CPS arrears for Govt Teachers and Employees
Basic Calculator for New IR, DA, Fitment
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Here we have provided AP Government Employee PRC Calculator 2022 based on the previous experience in Different Fitment levels, everyone can use the PRC Calculator 2022 to get their Master Scales based on New IR, DA, Fitment.

How to Calculate AP Government Employee New PRC Master Scale 2022 by New IR, DA, Fitment – PRC Calculator 2022 for AP Gov Teachers / Employee Master Scales

  • Above AP PRC Calucalater 2022 please enter your basic salary as per regular pay scale issued by Government of AP
  • Now enter approved DA Percentage as per new PRC
  • Now enter your Fitment Percentage as per new PRC announced by AP Government
  • Then you have seen your ground basic in new PRC using this AP PRC Calucalater 2022 for teachers and other employees

Above, we have implemented an expected PRC calculator based on the PRC and we will update with the new percentage of IR, DA, Fitment with a complete and final calculator here.

If anyone will have questions or suggestions please write a comment with your question will give a reply with a solution through a reply, however, please wait for the official announcement of Andhra Pradesh state new pay revision commission (PRC) with complete details.