Jharbhoomi Naksha, Jharkhand Apna Khata and Bhu Naksha at Jharbhoomi.nic.in

Jharbhoomi Naksha Download from Jharkhand Apana Khata online at https://jharbhoomi.nic.in…

This article will help you get the details for your land which includes Bhu-lekh information, Apna Khata details etc. This will save a lot of time that was being wasted in personally going to the government office of land records. This article will help you in navigating the site and step by step process to download important documents. For the farmers of Jharkhand, it is important to know the Jamabandi, Bhu Naksha and Khasra details of the land.


In order to reduce the efforts and unnecessary requirement of going to the land department personally and view/download the information through the portal created by the government.

Most of the big districts of Jharkhand have this facility available on the portal. Let us look at the procedure of downloading and checking the khata online:

Jharkhand Bhulekh Jamabandi, Bhu Naksha is one of the most important part of land records. One can get all the details regarding this online using the link. Information that can be retrieved includes-

  • Account rights of records
  • Khaitan
  • jharbhoomi naksha
  • Register-2
  • Other Jharkhand land records

Jharkhand Apana Khata Jhaarbhoomi Bhulekh

Let us look at the step by step process for navigating the Jharbhoomi website-

Step 1. First of all, one needs to open the official website of the department of revenue and land reforms. Using the link one can directly visit the website.
Step 2 Select the option to ‘view your account’ located on the left of the screen

Step 3. Now you can see the map of Jharkhand state. Select the district for which you want to check the Bhu-Lekh

Step 4. After selecting the relevant district, all the regions under that district will show up. Select the region applicable to you from the list available.

Step 5. Select various subcategories as available on the screen like Halka number, Type of land and Mauja number. Mauja can be selected from the list available on the screen.

Step 6. Select the options to select the option to check Bhulekh account including:

  • View all accounts by mauja name
  • View using account number
  • View accounts by Khesra number
  • Name o account holder

One can select the account details by choosing any of the options. Now select the option to view accounts by account name. Now you can see all the details as per the selection on the screen.

Step 7. Now in a new window, you will be able to see the list of selected accounts. You can select the check all the details or the account.

Step 8. Download bhulekh copy: One can easily download the copy of Abhilekh copy and print the copy as well.

One can also check the account using some of the other options as well such as:

  • See all the accounts of mauja by Khesra number
  • View by account number
  • See accounts by name of account holder

Jharbhoomi Naksha – Jharkhand Apana Khata

Procedure to download register-2 from the Jharkhand portal through Jharbhoomi Apana Khata

  • First of all open the official website of Department of revenue and Land reforms, Jharkhand using the link: https://jharbhoomi.nic.in/.
  • Now on the left side of the home page, you will see an option to View Account and register -II
  • Select the option of “Khatiyan” at the top and make other selections available on the page. These include Selection of district, region, Halka, Mauja, Account number, type of land etc.
  • Now click on the ‘Khatiyan” button at the bottom and you will be able to see the details as per the selection on the next page.
  • To look at the “register-II” option at the top and then again make the selection available on page like district, region, halka number, Mauja number, Account number and land type. The click on register – II option at the bottom of the screen

This way one can check the account, Khata details on the screen. Let us look at some of the important questions and answers which will help you navigate through the website: Jharbhoomi.nic.in

  1. What is the official website of Jharbhoomi?

    The official website of the department of revenue registration and land reforms Jharkhand is https://jharbhoomi.nic.in/. Here you can check details such as Khatian, Bhu Naksha, register-II etc.

  2. How to view Jharkhand Apna Khata online?

    To check Apna khata, go to the official website of Jharbhoomi. After this click on “view your account” option. Now enter details such as district, region, Mauja, account number etc. and click on ‘submit’ button. You will be able to view the account information on the other window.

  3. How to get the information related to register-II online?

    Once you visit the official website of jharbhoomi, then click on the option of account and register –II option on the left side of the page. Then click on khatiyan or register-II option on the screen, enter other details and check your details

  4. How to check Jharbhoomu Apanakhata information using your name?

    If someone does not know Khata or account details then he/she can also check the details by name. The procedure for this is to click on the search option and then search by the name of the account holder.

  5. Where should one contact for any issues or any queries on Jharbhoomi?

    In case there is any problem related to land or facing any problem I accessing the Jharbhoomi site then the user can dial the helpline number and can contact the support services appointed to sort these issues

*Disclaimer: Above published information is only for reference purposes, for any changes on the content we refer to visit the official website, and we are not responsible for anything.