RTO Exam, LLR Test for Driving License Online Test (*Free)

RTO Exam or LLR Test for Lerner License Test Online Practice Exam as LLR Mock Test 2022 (आरटीओ परीक्षा) for Hindi, English, Telugu, and another regional language of the Country…

Ministry of Road Transport & Highways, Government of India, has Introduced the Learner License Principals & Regulations along with Signals (ड्राइविंग लाइसेंस ऑनलाइन टेस्ट के लिए एलएलआर टेस्ट) to all State Regional Transport Office or Regional Transport Authority (RTO / RTA) to conduct LLR Test or RTA/RTO Exam and approve to the learning of driving for lightweight and heavyweight mortar vehicles.

The Indian Citizens who have interested to learn mortar vehicle driving need to apply through LLR Test / RTO Exam for basic knowledge about driving principles, (लर्नर लाइसेंस टेस्ट ऑनलाइन अभ्यास परीक्षा के लिए एलएलआर टेस्ट) road regulations to the learning driver, the candidate who have interested to learn mortar vehicle driving they need to pass in the LLR Test under their regional transport office and the candidate who have qualified in the RTO/RTA Exam they will get learning license with the validity of 6 months.

Before the validity period, the candidate will attend the driving test at their responsible RTO/RTA office to Obtaining a Permanent Licence for a Non-Transport two-wheeler, four-wheeler, of lightweight mortar vehicles.

LLR Test

The Lerner License Test is the most important exam to start a driver’s career to get a driving license along with knowing about road signals, principles, and regulations to drive safely, every RTO or RTA has strictly conducted the LLR Test mostly online, and the facility also available offline mode.

Everyone who is applied to the LLR Test can carefully read the RTA Signals, and RTO Questions to get a learner license easily, and here we have provided LLR Mock Test 2022 with the complete question bank (एलएलआर मॉक टेस्ट 2022)and signals to learn and pass RTO Exam/LLR Test easily.

RTO Exam

Every Regional RTO has conducted the LLR Test/RTO Exam from more than 200 Signals and questions, (आरटीओ ऑनलाइन प्रैक्टिस मॉक टेस्ट 2022) and every candidate needs to attempt up to 20 questions and signals randomly from those question bank bundle in the duration of 20 minutes, and the candidate who has answered more than 80% of signals and questions within the time period they are qualified to issue learner license under the RTA/RTO.

LLR TestDetails
Exam NameRTO Learning Licence Examination. (RTO Exam)
No. of Questions20 questions.
Type of QuestionsObjective: Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs).
Passing Marks80%
Test Duration20 Minutes.
Exam modeOnline/Offline
LanguageEnglish/Hindi/State-wise language.
RTO LLR Test 2020

LLR Online Practice Test, RTO Exam Mock Test

Here we have provided the RTO Online Practice Mock Test 2022 for all regional languages along with Signal Test & RTO Questions, everyone can follow their responsible State Link to practice their state learner license and download the Principals, Regulations along with Signals Pdf to study offline.

RTO Exam – English

RTO परीक्षा – हिन्दी

RTO পরীক্ষা – বাংলা

RTO పరీక్ష – తెలుగు

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