CBSE PS Sample Paper 2025 Class 10, CBSE 10th Class Physical Science Question Paper 2025 Pdf

CBSE Class 10 PS Sample Paper 2025 Pdf Download for all Evaluations of the Course. These questions will help you prepare for your examinations in a timely manner. CBSE 10th Class PS Question Paper 2025 PDF Download for all Topics at…

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CBSE Class 10 Physical Science Subject Topics chapter-wise

Light-Reflection and Refraction

  • Reflection Of Light
  • Spherical Mirrors
  • Refraction Of Light

The Human Eye And The Colourful World

  • The Human Eye
  • Defects of Vision And Their Correction
  • Refraction of Light Through A Prism
  • Dispersion Of White Light By a Glass Prism
  • Atmospheric Refraction
  • Scattering of Light


  • Electric Current and Circuit
  • Electric Potential and Potential Difference
  • Circuit Diagram
  • Ohm’s Law
  • Factors on which the Resistance of a Conductor depends
  • Resistance Of a System of Resistors
  • Heating Effect of Electric Current
  • Electric Power

Magnetic Effects Of Electric Current

  • Magnetic Field and Field Lines
  • Magnetic Field due to a Current-Carrying Conductor
  • Force on a Current-Carrying Conductor in a Magnetic Field
  • Electric Motor
  • Electromagnetic Induction
  • Electric Generator
  • Domestic Electric Circuits

Sources Of Energy

  • What is a good source of energy?
  • Conventional Sources of Energy
  • Alternative or Non-Conventional Sources of Energy
  • Environmental Consequences
  • How Long will an Energy Source last us?

Our Environment

  • What Happens When We Add Waste To The Environment?
  • Eco System – What Are Its Components?
  • How Do Our Activities Affect The Environment?

Management of Natural Resources

  • Why Do We Need To Manage Our Resources?
  • Forests and WildFire
  • Water For All
  • Coal and Petroleum

CBSE PS Sample Paper 2025 Class 10

PS is a fascinating topic for students, and if they learn the topics well and properly revise them, it may also be a high-scoring subject. After a thorough examination of the updated entire curriculum for PS Class 10, the professionals created the CBSE Class 10 PS Sample Paper 2025. These professionals have used their years of expertise to assist students with their test preparation. Students may simply access the PDF version for practice at any time.

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CBSE Class 10 PS Sample Paper 2025
CBSE 10th Class PS Sample Paper 2025CBSE PS Sample Paper 2025 Class 10
Name of the BoardCentral Board of Secondary Education (CBSE).
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MediumEnglish, Hindi, Urdu.
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CBSE Sample Paper 2025 Class 10

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