IFMIS Telangana Employee Pay Slip/Salary Certificate 2024 Download at

IFMIS Telangana Employee Pay Slip or Salary Certificate Download for Monthly and Annual Salary Slips Online by Employee Code or Bank Account Number through TS IFMIS website at…

The government of Telangana and the State Finance Department has introduced the Integrated Financial Management & Information System (IFMIS) to download employee Employee Salary details and Pay Slips online for IFMIS Employee Basic Details, every employee of the state will download monthly Online Salary Certificate or Online Salary Particulars (OSP) or Online Employee Pay Slip (OEPS) in Pdf file format through IFMIS Website with using Employee Code or Bank Account Number.

Every Telangana State Government Employee can download he/her monthly payslips of Official Salary Particular Certificate in month wise for every month and also download annual salary slips through IFMIS website without using any passwords, and the service provided with simple steps, the employee of the state can download with suing their Employee Id (STO Treasury ID) OR Salary Bank Account Number only.

IFMIS Telangana Employee Pay Slip

IFMIS Telangana Employee Salary Pay Slips Download
IFMIS Telangana Employee Salary Pay Slips Download
About Telangana IFMIS PaySlips DownloadDetails
Name of Authority Integrated Financial Management & Information System, Govt Telangana
Service ForGenerate Pay Slips or Salary Particulars Online
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Official Website
Monthly and Annual StatementsAvailable Now Using Employee ID (STO Treasury ID) or Bank Account Number
IFMIS Telangana Employee Pay Slip

Telangana IFMIS Payslip or IFMIS Salary Certificate Download

Here the has provided simple steps to download IFMIS Payslips or Salary Particulars “IFMIS Employee Basic Details” from the Integrated Financial Management & Information System, Telangana, everyone can follow the steps tow download their monthly or annual statements for any purpose like Bank loans and etc.


  • Every Telangana State Government Employee can visit te TS IFMIS official website at
  • Now you have reached the homepage of the portal and you have seen all options with User Login along with complete details of the portal Services, Carefully check all options and Select payslip option located at the right side top on the portal as per the following image.
Telangana IFMIS Website
Telangana IFMIS Website


  • Once Successfully following the above steps you have redirected to the main page of the Salary Slips download page.
  • Now you have seen the following page, now you have both options to Generate and Download your Salary Certificate or Monthly Statements of Salary Particulars.
Telangana IFMIS Payslip Generate by Employee Code
Telangana IFMIS Payslip Generate by Employee Code


  • Now Select Search by Employee Code or by Account Number option
  • Then enter your Employee ID (STO Treasury ID) or Bank Account Number ( Your Salary receiving Bank Account Number)
  • Now Proceed with the Search option, finally, you have seen the employee details
  • Then Proceed with Send OTP button to get Onetime password for your salary bill generation
  • Once successfully completed the above step you will get an OTP (4 Digits) to your registered mobile phone number
  • Now enter the OTP 4 Digit password on the required fields (witch is you have received to your phone), and proceed with entering option
  • After successful verification, you have approved to generate your salary slips
  • Proceed with Generate Pay Slip Option, and generate your monthly payslips with selecting month and year from the dropdown selection list options
  • Finally, the Telangana Government employee payslip or salary certificate is generated for selected month and year and displayed on the screen
  • Now proceed with the print option to get a printout, once proceed with printout option you have able to save in Pdf file forlat also

Make multiple copies of the printout and save the soft copy of the Pdf file for future reference, and everyone can use the IFMIS Employee Basic Details or Salary Particulars to adding TSGLI, GPF missing credits and apply for new TSGLI Account Purpose.

Download IFMIS TS Employee Salary Slips Directly Here

Note: The Telangana State Financial Management & Information System (IFMIS) has sent monthly salary details of the employee through IFMIS SMS alerts system with complete details of employee name, Salary Net Amount, Earnings, Deductions along with Bank account number and IFSC code.

Download Old Salary Slips before April 2019

  1. Can I download with using my phone number?

    No, every employee of Telangana can download their salary slip by using he/her Employee ID (STO Treasury ID) or Bank Account Number Only.

  2. I have lost my Phone Number, how can I get my Salary Particulars Online?

    Your registered mobile phone number is only will receive the one-time password (OTP) of your account IFMIS payslips generation, So you need to update your mobile phone number at your Treasury or get your mobile phone number from your Telecom operator.

  3. I have not received IFMIS OTP, but I have entered my registered phone number, what is the problem?

    Yes, a lot of employees are facing the issue of reviving their IFMIS OTP, because the telecom providers are providing their service with delay, mainly the issue is facing from BSNL Teleservices, the Telangana State Government employees who are using BSNL SIM are not reviving the IFMIS OTP, we have advised to everyone please wait some time to get one-time password or try after some time, you will definitely receive your OTP from IFMIS Telangana.

  4. I have received my Salary Statement from IFMIS SMS Services, I need to download my Salary Particulars Online?

    Not an issue, everyone who need to get physical copies of the Salary Certificate for monthly and yearly salary statement they will download online, and the statements are useful to adding TSGLI, GPF missing credits and applying for new TSGLI Account Purpose

  5. Witch Details we will get by downloading IFMIS Telangana Employee Payslip?

    The Government of Telangana and Finance Department has provided their employee Salary statements through Financial Management & Information System (IFMIS) with complete details of Name of Employee, Net Amount of the Salary, Total Earnings, Deductions, Bank account number, IFSC code, and all other complete details of the employee.

*Disclaimer: Above published information is only for reference purposes, for any changes on the content we refer to visit the official website, and we are not responsible for anything.

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